Jenni Odell, M.A. LMFT  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  - Lic.# LMFT90971 

Certified Daring Way TM Facilitator - Clinical (CDWF)

Jenni Odell, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Experience and Credentials

A graduate of Simpson University's MA in Counseling Psychology program, Jenni has served our community population as a school-based counselor within the Redding School District and was a private practice intern before transitioning to her own practice.  Jenni has co-facilitated parenting groups and women's groups focused on body image, maternal legacies, and issues of self-concept.  She completed the Daring Way ™ National Training in February of 2014, and is currently a Certified Daring Way ™ Facilitator - Clinical (CDWF), co-facilitating 3-day intensive workshops, one-day workshops and providing informational talks to professionals and organizations on Daring Way™ concepts.  In addition, she has completed the Externship in Emotionally-Focused Couple's Therapy under Dr. Susan Johnson in June of 2012, and co-researched a qualitative study with couples in which males had sustained spinal cord injuries.  She presented the findings at a local educational symposium, at a state-level symposium in San Diego, and at the 2012 AAMFT National Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She is also trained and working towards certification in EMDR, a highly efficacious method for working with trauma, including PTSD, anxiety, fears and phobias.  She has also attended workshops and researched auxillary studies in Strengthening Compassion, cultivating Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance, and is a student of mindfulness techniques, empirically validated treatments for anxiety.

Jenni is a member of the Redding Regional Chapter of CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) and has served on past boards for the organization.  She can also be found as a member of the Daring WayTM community at   

But who am I...really?

   For years when people would pose the prompt, "So, tell me about yourself," I would respond with a lot of information about the things I "did" rather than who I was; much like the paragraph above.  But there's more to a person than one's resume.  I was a stay-at-home mom for many years, working at my children's school or doing medical transcription at home in order to be present and available for what was most important to me.  I was in my late 30's when I returned to college to complete my degree and start a career, and there's nothing more terrifying than feeling like you're just starting when you're at midday on your biological clock.  However, I'm learning we are all called upon or created with unique talents intended for various callings in our life, and sometimes we aren't late to the game...but rather, we are just on time.  Callings can arrive at any point in our life, and I believe we live life and have experiences that develop and lead us exactly where we need to be at just the right moments.  The trick is trusting the process, noticing opportunity, and working hard, knowing our journey is unfolding just as it should, through all the hopes and fears, complications and triumphs, attempts and perceived failures.  The path is not a straight line, struggle is part of the growth, and wisdom can be found throughout if we take time to look for it.

   I love being outside; gardening, hiking, being around water.  I love outdoor activities including paddle-boarding and hiking. I feel the most myself, the most serene and yet full of life when I am in nature.  Every day I strive to practice gratitude, for the people, places and experiences that make my life uniquely my own.  I savor being creative whether it's decorating, cooking, doing art...I try it all.  I love music, but I'm fairly eclectic and my playlists often confuse people.  Selection truly depends on my mood.  I love my dog, Aggie, (she has her own Facebook page) and find the companionship of pets to be one of the purest forms of self-care.  I'm a proud introvert with great social skills; someone who loves to gather and cook and play games before I lovingly say goodbye and curl up in a corner for quiet time.  In the last few years I've unplugged significantly from technological entertainment, finding more enjoyment in the 'real' experiences and genuine people I've been fortunate enough to connect with in this stage of life.

   I am passionate about my work.  I love when people cultivate intimate conversations with the intent of learning more about themselves and others.  I'm also acutely aware not everyone is comfortable with what some see as 'the mushy stuff,' which is why I was drawn to Brene's work on vulnerability and shame. When people say "I don't do feelings," I know there's some strong internal and external messages telling them vulnerability is weak or wrong, and that's where the work begins.  I've traveled on my own path breaking down what it means to take risks, step out of my comfort zone and show my 'true self' to the world.  Braving the wilderness of becoming our authentic selves isn't easy or comfortable, but I'm convinced true happiness isn't about being easy or comfortable.  It's about being real.  And the first relationship we have to work on is the one we have with ourselves.  I have strong guiding principles of diversity, openness, curiosity and inclusion that are rooted in my desire to embrace and celebrate work with clients having varying cultures, stories and belief systems.  Cultivating self-compassion, defining how to build trust in self and others in a way that helps delineate healthy boundaries, and reconciling fears of scarcity that tell us we aren't enough.... those are game changers in life, and I can't help but get excited when I see others do hard work in these areas and benefit from the process. 

   I could say much more; however, that should give you an adequate sample of who I am and why I do this work.  My hope is this short 'blurb' provides a bigger picture of "me" rather than just the elevator speech outlining credentials and accomplishments.  Those are small matters, snapshots in time really, compared to the whole of who we are.

Practice Information:  

Hours and Rates 

Jenni offers marriage and family therapy services for adolescents, individuals, couples and families.  She currently has office hours Monday through Thursdays with varying hours available, and does offer evening appointments.  Initial 50-minute sessions and subsequent 50-minute sessions are each $110.  Double sessions are available upon request and are pro-rated at the same rate.  Sliding scales rates are offered on a limited basis upon request and as available and based upon need. All payments are made out to Jenni Odell, LMFT.  

All client billing and scheduling is maintained through an online client portal.  This portal allows clients access to an electronic file where credit or debit cards can be maintained for automatic billing and appointments can be requested or rescheduled through the client's personal link.  This link is set up upon request for information about my practice and/or establishing as a new client, wherein you will also receive all intake forms electronically.  If you would like to receive this preliminary documentation, please message through the "Contact" tab on this website, providing the email address you would like paperwork to be sent.  Delivery of these documents does not contractually obligate you to establish as a client, but rather is a means for more in depth information about policy practices, informed consent and privacy practices, as well as providing a questionnaire that allows those seeking therapy to provide more extensive history about themselves and their therapy goals.

Insurance and Billing

Jenni accepts payment for clients under California's Victim Compensation coverage (aka Victim Witness) as well as Medi-Cal, through Beacon/Partnership Health Insurance, and provides billing for those cases.  (Beacon/Partnership clients must call their insurance at 1-888-204-5581 to be pre-screened and receive an authorization number before setting up an initial appointment.) Those requesting therapy to be processed through private insurance must pay up front and await reimbursement from their insurance provider.  Upon request, a Superbill can be provided that includes all necessary billing codes and information for clients to easily submit to their insurance. It is recommended that all private insurance holders call their insurance prior to establishing as a client to verify coverage parameters.  This office is not responsible for insurance verification for clients.  I am considered "out of network" for all private insurance carriers at this time.  Brief (half-hour) consultation sessions can be provided upon request to ask questions prior to establishing as a client. 

Send me a message on the "contact " page if you would like to set up an appointment,
ask a question, or request additional info about my practice.