Boundaries 101:  The First Step to Relationship with Self & Others 

COST: $95 for 6 WEEKS ($15.50 per class) OR $80 each with at least one co-registrant

Fridays at NOON PST

Date:                   Topic:                                                      

4/3/2020              Why do we need boundaries?      
4/10/2020              Understanding Co-dependent traits
4/17/2020            Establishing & Maintaining boundaries
4/24/2020            When boundaries are violated
5/1/2020            Caring for others while holding boundaries
5/8/2020              Review, Follow Up, Q&A - Wrap Up

Living in Authenticity: Courageously Embracing Vulnerability

COST: $95 for 6 WEEKS ($15.50 per class) 

Monday Evening Class - 5:30 PM PST

Date:                    Topic:                                            

2/17/2020             The Myths and Truths of vulnerability

2/24/2020             Understanding Self-Worth

3/2/2020               Learning to Belong to Yourself

3/9/2020             Empathy & Self-Compassion

3/16/2020             Shame Resilience 101

3/23/2020             Review, Follow Up, Q&A - Wrap Up

ONE TIME * 2 HOUR Workshop    - What is Grief?

​One thing heard often in the therapeutic world is how little western civilizations 'do grief.'  We have funerals and memorials, but then what?  This workshop will discuss the research around grief experiences, what constitutes traumatic or complicated grief, and we will look at resources for grief processing.  We will also explore the many ways different relationships or experiences are overlooked as 'grief' or honored in the same way as other death and loss experiences.  If you or someone you know has had a loss, is stuck in longing, or is 'feeling lost' this workshop might provide resources and conversations to add to your grief journey. 

COST: $49

Dates and times available:   Pick your date to participate                                       

Monday: 3/23/2020       10AM PST - NOON PST

Monday:  3/30/2020        5:30PM PST - 7:30PM PST

Online Class Schedule

How it works:

Classes will be for 6 weeks at a time, once per week at designated times.  However, if you miss a class session, a video will be available for you to view privately. Classes will be conducted through ZOOM.  You will need to register online or download the ZOOM app to your smart phone or laptop.  We will use a private facebook page for outside class participation and conversation.  Class times and topics will be posted soon and you will be sent a link for official registration in the courses of your choosing.

Availability: We will have a maximum of 20 'seats' per course.  

Cost:  6-week courses are $95.00* and are paid in full at the time of official registration - ($15.50 per class). Registration is non-refundable within one month of the start of class.  ​

These courses are non-credit courses and do not provide CE's for professionals.  They are for personal development and growth only.

This is NOT online group therapy.  You are encouraged to use this information as a supplement to the work you are doing with a therapist, counselor or coach.


Jenni Gordon, M.A. LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  - Lic.# LMFT90971 

Certified Daring Way TM Facilitator - Clinical (CDWF)

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