​​​What is courage-centered work?

After training with Brené Brown's organization in 2014, I became certified in her curriculum.  Since then, the Daring Way™ organization has had significant restructuring, including Brené's new books and reshaping of her online formats and trainings.  Though I still find her work invaluable and provide much of her curriculum as a clinician, I have restructured my work as well, working through the lens of vulnerability, authenticity and courage but incorporating other great minds and resources as well.  

So, in addition to my training in Brene's work, I bring in the concepts of self-compassion from Kristen Neff and Kelly McGonigal, or the co-dependent definitions from Melodie Beattie, to name just a few.  There are intersections between many theorists and authors, and gleaning the nuggets of wisdom from them all helps us deepen our understanding.  

Much like an onion, we continue to peel back the layers of each area of learning and get to the core beliefs within each of us.  It takes strength and bravery to do this work, and so we embrace the idea of harnessing courage to dig into the most vulnerable places of our stories and psyche to unearth the truest versions of ourselves. 

*** We are dedicated to the ongoing education of our own diversity and inclusion practices, including LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities ***

A courage-centered practice

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