Our office is also able to provide a Superbill for clients to easily submit to their insurance companies for ease of reimbursement.  It is recommended all clients call their insurance companies in advance and discuss coverage for mental health services as all policies are different, and we are not equipped with support staff to provide these screening services for you at this time.

What is an Oracle Oak?


Insurance &

Billing RATES

As lovers of the outdoors in all its forms, this practice embraces the symbolism of life's journey by taking a look at what nature provided along the way.  Oracle Oaks (Quercus x morehus) are indigenous to the Northern California and Southern Oregon area, just like our practice; a hybrid of the Interior Live Oak and a California Black Oak, created at the edges of the zones of these two 'parent trees.'  

​Because we are a family therapy practice, trained in seeing clients through the lens of a 'system' or network of generational systems, the symbol of this tree stood out to us as representative of the work many of us do - understanding the intersections and contributions of our environments, families, lineages, cultures, beliefs and biases, to how we developed.  Understanding our roots helps us reckon with where we are and develop a more thoughtful approach to where we are going.  

Please contact direct for rates.  Jenni accepts:​

  • Cash pay
  • Personal checks
  • Debit/Credit cards processed through STRIPE

​Jenni is able to accept the following insurance ...

  • Partnership Insurance
  • Optum/United Healthcare
  • California Victim’s Compensation coverage

​... all other insurance is considered 'Out of Network.' Please check in advance with your insurance provider for OON coverage parameters based on your specific policy.

All other insurance can be billed as a courtesy, but payment is expected up front at the time of service.*